ReFi Turkiye Videos

We have worked with ReFi Türkiye to turn regenerative finance into an adventure with learning communities, events and educational content.

ReFi Turkiye Video Series

Introducing the ReFi Türkiye video series, your gateway to a newly established ecosystem that delves into the transformative world of “Regenerative Finance” in Turkey.

This expository documentary series takes you on a captivating exploration of financial renaissance, shedding light on the innovative initiatives, groundbreaking ideas, and visionary individuals shaping the future of finance in Turkey.

ReFi Turkiye Video Series Playlist

Through a combination of immersive storytelling, captivating motion graphics, and compelling interviews, we uncover the potential and key focus areas of ReFi Türkiye, unveiling a powerful vision for a resilient and sustainable financial ecosystem.

ReFi Turkiye Cinematography Moodboard

Our cinematographical approach blends the best of Masterclass and Netflix-style productions to create a visually stunning and engaging experience.

We iterate and experiment to strike the right balance and avoid the pitfalls of generic explainer videos. By removing voice-over at times, we aim to create a more human and empathetic connection, inviting viewers to embrace the critical call for regeneration. We aspire to create a documentary-like experience that captivates and resonates with the audience.

Inspired by the visceral and synesthetic role regeneration plays in our lives we set out to design motion graphics with a narrative that clearly articulates why ReFi and Web3 have a critical importance.

Part education, part inspiration, each segment explains complex concepts but also evokes emotions and fosters a deeper connection with the viewers. Our thought process for this piece was centered around harmony between us and the planet, philosophy behind technological advancements, and a sense of curiosity into a cohesive animation.

ReFi Turkiye Videos Backstage
ReFi Turkiye Videos Backstage

The production phase of the video series has been transformative, allowing us to deeply explore interconnected problems that threaten civilization. By collaborating with experts from various fields, it has been an intellectually stimulating journey, where we laughed and learned a lot.

  • ProducerBerk Boz
  • DirectorAdnan Çağın Doğan
  • EditorCan Pürüzsüz, Güzel Yekta Bolayır, Mehmet Boyraz, Berk Boz
  • Art DirectionSeyfi Ünlü
  • GraphicsSeyfi Ünlü, Melih Oğuzhan Karataşlı, Ertekin Erdin
  • Sound DesignUmut Barış Genç
  • EditingAdnan Çağın Doğan
  • Assistant DirectorGüzel Yekta Bolayır
  • Director of PhotographyBora Dağal

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